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Event Highlights

Unforgettable Memories

Indian Wedding

Das-Bhattacharya Wedding 

This was a 200+ Indian Wedding that was hosted at a Hotel in Cary, NC. This family was a pleasure to work with. After having to reschedule the wedding (Twice) because of COVID, their special day was amazing. 

Bride in Limousine

Jacob-Carr Wedding 

This was an amazingly incredible event for Devon and his staff. Devon was able to build a bond with the mother of the bride who lived in New York, bringing almost 200 guests to Raleigh, NC for a wedding ceremony. She was very apprehensive about hosting her daughters wedding so far away and not being able to be in-person for the planning portion. After several phone calls, video chats, and emails -this wedding went off without a hitch and the guests were so thrilled! Not to mention the bride and groom as well as the mother of the bride. She told Devon that she made one of the best decisions in her life to bring Everything Forward Designs on board for the planning process. 

Marriage Ceremony

Shah-Patel Wedding 

This was a multiday event traditional Indian wedding. Everything Forward Designs was bought on board for planning and coordinating the Pithi, Sangeet, Baraat, Wedding Ceremony and Reception. With over 300 guests in attendance this was a lot of planning and logistics that went into this wedding weekend. Although, it was so much fun! This wedding inspired Devon and his team to begin focusing on traditional Indian Weddings and decor designs. 

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