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Hats off to Event & catering Manager Devon Burnfield who took care of every detail, instant response to all emails, text messages and hundreds of phone calls between Feb & July 2022. Devon took special care of all our last minute requests. As the host of a big Indian wedding, with 187 guests travelling from all over US, India and the Middle East, everyone was so happy with the stay at the hotel as well as the pre wedding party and the wedding reception for the entire guests

Daisy Jacobs 

Devon and his team made my day exactly what I was dreaming of down to every detail and the logistics of our three day wedding weekend. I would highly recommend Devon and his staff to anyone who is planning an Indian Wedding. 

Parita Shah

Devon Burnfield did a marvelous job handling all the details. He gave us a lot of new ideas that made the entire event spectacular. Devon was meticulous and took care of each and every minute details without wasting any time. He was open to suggestions and changes and handled them well. Above all, he was extremely patient and made the entire planning phase very stress free. I would definitely love to have him as our coordinator for any future events. 

Subroto Bhattacharya

Bridal Henna

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